• China Forging Steel Strainer Supplier

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The strainer is an indispensable device for transporting the medium in the pipeline. It is usually installed in the input end of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, level control valve, and other equipment. The filter is made of a cylinder, a stainless steel filter screen, a sewage discharge part, a transmission device and an electrical control part. When the medium passes through the filter screen, its impurities are blocked. For cleaning, just need to take the removable cartridge out and install it again after treatment. Therefore, the usage and maintenance of the strainer are very convenient.

Product Detail
Design standard: API 602, BS 5352
The length of the structure: as per manufacturer's standard
Flange connecting end: ASME B16.5, GB/T 9113, HG/T 20592, EN 1092.1
Butt welding connecting end: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224
Wall thickness: API 602, ASME B16.34, GB/T 12224
Inspection and test: API 602, GB/T 13927
Pressure and temperature rating: ASME B16.34, EN 12516, GB/T 12224
Product scope: NPS 1/2 Inch - NPS 2 Inch (DN15 - DN50), Class 150 - 2500 LB (PN16 - PN420)
Main body material: ASTM A105, ASTM A182 LF2, ASTM A182 F11, ASTM A182 F22, ASTM A182 F51, ASTM A182 F91, ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F316, ASTM A182 F304L, ASTM A182 F316L, etc.