• China Double+Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Supplier

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The axis of the valve stem deviates from the disc center and body center at the same time, and the rotation axis of the valve seat has a certain angle with the axis of valve body passage, which is called three eccentric butterfly valve.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage and municipal construction, etc. for regulating flow and conveying fluid. The material can be cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel.

The triple eccentric butterfly valves can withstand pressure up to 2500lbs, and temperature between -196 ℃ and 700 ℃. And it can achieve zero leakage and the regulation ratio is as high as 100:1. That's to say, in all kinds of harsh and critical process control pipelines, whether it is used as a on-off valve or a control valve, as long as it is properly selected, the butterfly valve can be used with safety. And what's more, it's with low cost.